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good Evening – a few new sketches

Sonntag, November 9th, 2008

I have not done as many sketches as I had wanted to — I was too lazy and on a few occasions it wasjust too cold (I was out on my bike and just wanted to get back home).

And while I read more blogs around sketching and painting, sometimes I get frustrated and intimated because of the beautiful sketchesI see from everybody else…. I guess it is still pratice practice.

So the first new one was done on Friday from „my“ coffee spot at odeonsplatz into the little open space between front and back building: the fountain with a fashion shop behind.

Then one from today – cycling back from the city centre towards the new SZ building I was stopped by the train/S-Bahn line next to the road – lots of cables, lines etc. Still fascinated by that.

As you can see I am still fighting with getting a thumbnail into the text . Now back to somemore blog-reading and then finishing a quilt for next week’s quilt show.