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Sketchcrawl # 25 – Munich

Dienstag, November 24th, 2009

The „jubilee“ sketchcrawl (5 years) and record attendance in Munich – a group of 5 this time !

As it is too cold outside to be sketching (although the recent weather was more spring-like than November) we were in the Völkerkundemuseum (ethnological museum).

Quite a challenge for the start – my perspectives still leave  room for improvement 


So being lazy going back to „simple“ patterns; the flowery motif is from a stitched quilt, exquisite handwork


On the left an alter from Samoa, carved wood; on the right some printed pattern :


Upstairs in the north american department. Feather headdress and vase plus some more patterns… 


The feather/plume headdress, with white feathers, cut in a zig-zag style