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Sketchcrawl #26 – Febr.27, 2010

Montag, März 1st, 2010

So – another sketchcrawl here in Munich – we decided to visit the Deutsches Museum and sketch indoors, with warm hands 🙂

Susi and I had a lazy start – we needed to find an open cafe first (the official cafe opposite the entrance wasn’t open yet) … so at least we thought we should do a first sketch while getting our coffee.


Then tackled an old toy : a construction kit for a massive cathedral, made of small stones. Impressive.


Then went outside onto the roof and sketched the tower that is both a hygrometer (i.e. measuring air humidity) as well as a barometer (i.e. measuring air pressure, thus indicating weather getting better or worse). it was a lovely day but the fingers were getting cold !

Plus last but not least – the fabulous antique fire alarm from Berlin – although actually it was red rather than pink – this is due to my watercolour box having fallen down and the purple dye powder is now all over the place – so red gets pinkish….


Anyway we had fun and I am already looking forward to the next crawl.