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Samstag, Februar 14th, 2015

Test ….

zweiter Test

Samstag, Februar 14th, 2015

und nochmal – wie bekomme ich Photos hier drauf ?

IMG_6137 (Large)

Sketchcrawl #30

Dienstag, Januar 25th, 2011

Sketchcrawl in the  Bavarian Nationalmuseum:

my first sketch of a white (porcelain ?) box:



A real challenge for me- statue of Marc Aurel (he looks like a cyclist with a helmet on):


My contribution to the collectionof armour sketches – a glove:


 Triangles basedon something I saw in the museum – and a last sketch in the Literurhaus:


Group photos in the museum:

discussions and looking at the others‘ work over lunch




Sketchcrawl #27 – May 15, 2010

Freitag, Juni 18th, 2010

Sketchcrawl in Pinakothek der Moderne:


Start in the Cafe, my view onto the wall:


Then inside the museum



After lunch:


Sketchcrawl #26 – Febr.27, 2010

Montag, März 1st, 2010

So – another sketchcrawl here in Munich – we decided to visit the Deutsches Museum and sketch indoors, with warm hands 🙂

Susi and I had a lazy start – we needed to find an open cafe first (the official cafe opposite the entrance wasn’t open yet) … so at least we thought we should do a first sketch while getting our coffee.


Then tackled an old toy : a construction kit for a massive cathedral, made of small stones. Impressive.


Then went outside onto the roof and sketched the tower that is both a hygrometer (i.e. measuring air humidity) as well as a barometer (i.e. measuring air pressure, thus indicating weather getting better or worse). it was a lovely day but the fingers were getting cold !

Plus last but not least – the fabulous antique fire alarm from Berlin – although actually it was red rather than pink – this is due to my watercolour box having fallen down and the purple dye powder is now all over the place – so red gets pinkish….


Anyway we had fun and I am already looking forward to the next crawl.

Sketchcrawl # 25 – Munich

Dienstag, November 24th, 2009

The „jubilee“ sketchcrawl (5 years) and record attendance in Munich – a group of 5 this time !

As it is too cold outside to be sketching (although the recent weather was more spring-like than November) we were in the Völkerkundemuseum (ethnological museum).

Quite a challenge for the start – my perspectives still leave  room for improvement 


So being lazy going back to „simple“ patterns; the flowery motif is from a stitched quilt, exquisite handwork


On the left an alter from Samoa, carved wood; on the right some printed pattern :


Upstairs in the north american department. Feather headdress and vase plus some more patterns… 


The feather/plume headdress, with white feathers, cut in a zig-zag style


Sketchcrawl #24 – Sept.19, 2009

Montag, September 21st, 2009

Again we had a nice day for our Sketchcrawl – we went to the Botanical Garden (where it was fairly quiet – most people obviously preferred the opening of the Oktoberfest)…


The other 3 working on alpine plants:












Sketchcrawl #22 – 11.April 2009

Sonntag, April 12th, 2009

The weather was great – sunny, blue sky and warm (very unlike last time  :thumbup: ) and we had a 50% increase in attendance ! So 3 sketchers versus 2  sketchers… not bad.

I was at the meeting point a bit early so decided to challenge myself and do my first of the view onto Feldherrnhalle from my sunny coffee spot.

Together with Constanze and Susi, we then walked into Hofgarten und sketched this fountain.


This is my version….


Here are the Munich sketchers for this 22nd sketchcrawl….


Then another sketch in the quiet  Kabinettsgarten – I chose the flowers.


This was our last  sketching point together, we walked overto Viktualienmarkt – it was crazy, totally busy with lots of visitors, Bayern Munich playing in the afternoon, several demonstrations going on ….
Looking forward to the next sketchcrawl, we may even be meeting before that to do some sketching together – so Kerstin, let us know how to contact you – we can certainly find a day and time that suits you as well !


Sketchcrawl #21 – Jan.10, 2009

Samstag, Januar 10th, 2009

Today was  21st Sketchcrawl  – sunny, blue sky but freezing cold outside so most of our (Tenar & I) 4 hours were spent inside coffee places…

Here are my sketches:

Then walked up to Siegestor:

Then more coffee and this flower on our table:

Some quick shopping and back home with a hot drink !

It was fun and very nice meeting somebody with an interest in textiles, too ! Tenar, thanks for letting me use your colours…

Until next time !

good Evening – a few new sketches

Sonntag, November 9th, 2008

I have not done as many sketches as I had wanted to — I was too lazy and on a few occasions it wasjust too cold (I was out on my bike and just wanted to get back home).

And while I read more blogs around sketching and painting, sometimes I get frustrated and intimated because of the beautiful sketchesI see from everybody else…. I guess it is still pratice practice.

So the first new one was done on Friday from „my“ coffee spot at odeonsplatz into the little open space between front and back building: the fountain with a fashion shop behind.

Then one from today – cycling back from the city centre towards the new SZ building I was stopped by the train/S-Bahn line next to the road – lots of cables, lines etc. Still fascinated by that.

As you can see I am still fighting with getting a thumbnail into the text . Now back to somemore blog-reading and then finishing a quilt for next week’s quilt show.