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Some recent sketches – London and Munich

Freitag, Oktober 31st, 2008

Hello Again –

to give you an idea of what I am doing, here are some of my recent sketches.

3 weeks ago I spent a few days in London – I hadn’t been there for several years and found it has changed quite a bit. Both changes I liked and changes I disliked – more below…

So first somesmall scenes in Mayfair and Marylebone : one of the phantastic book shop Daunt Books – lots of travel literature,  metres and metres of shelf on South East Asia, and India and much more – very Recommendable. Funnily enough they have a little sketch of their storefront on their website – check it out versus my version :“><img

The next day I made into the British Museum – for the 1st time. Really liked the Great Court:

Then I found some nice patterns – on the floor and elsewhere: 

And this is from my „huge disappointment day“: on Friday I went to Bermondsey Market – or rather what’s left where formerly there was the market ….. this used to be a massive Antiques Market, every Friday morning in a slightly shabby, rundown area south of Tower Bridge. Now the area has had a lot of development going on – fancy new apartment houses, nicely renovated warehouses, local supermarket … nothing like it used to be. Could be anywhere now. Like the whole riverwalk area past the Tate Modern – Coffee houses at every corner, nice – but ….

So this one corner was still very much how it used to be – probably not much longer though:

Bought far too many sketch books and supplies – nice shop in Islington 

During the 20th Worldwide Sketch Crawl I was taking care of my 6 yr.old nephew – we cycled to a small … (what’s the word for a really tiny RIVER) and he even caught some tiny fish with his net:

Wednesday evening I had a coffee at Odeonsplatz – coffee mug and Feldherrnhalle below are at the top of the page; then 2 more sketches at Starbucks today:

Normally I am using plain pencil for my sketches – but sometimes it is not strong enough. I also like the Faber Castell PITT artist pens – however I find I cannot sketch as well and freely as with pencils. The pattern belowright was done with a new Daler & Rowney Sepia Sketching pencil I bought at Cass (in a set) – it seems to be very rough and is easily smudging – which I don’t like. More experiments called for.
These 2 guys were sitting next to me, moving a lot and very quickly …. hm-I am not very happy with this one:

That’s it for now – excited to see if the upload and placement of  pictures works..
Have a great weekend,


Welcome to Sketches and Stuff !

Freitag, Oktober 31st, 2008

Good Morning Everybody !

this is my first attempt at blogging – so please forgive me in case something doesnot quite work yet. Thorsten from Sketchcrawl asked that innocent question „do you have a blog?“ about an hour ago – and now I do … let’s see how it works.

I will use this blog to post my sketches and possibly other objects (like my quilts and other textile objects), photos from my travels – maybe more.

For approx. 20 years I have been doing quilts (yes – these are the patchwork covers for beds which we always connect to the pioneers in the USA) – first very traditional one, later also smaller wall-hangings, my own designs – involving fabric dyeing, printing, glueing, plastic, paper and much more.

For one year I have been actively working on a City & Guilds Course with that involves sketching and keeping a sketchbook -and lots of trouble with that initially. You know what I mean – „cannot ruin that nice empty clean white page sketchbook with my horrible drawing 🙂 “

But also I have always wanted to paint/draw – so I took 2 classes this year: the first one learning to draw following Betty Edwards technique, then another one on „sketchbooks for textile artists“ from Jan Beaney/ Jean Littlejohn ( – and that got me going.   

A week ago I found the site and few other blogs – unfortunately I could not join the 20th worldwide sketchcrawl last Saturday but am definitley joining #21 – and am practising before.

So welcome and look out for more !