good Evening – a few new sketches

November 9th, 2008

I have not done as many sketches as I had wanted to — I was too lazy and on a few occasions it wasjust too cold (I was out on my bike and just wanted to get back home).

And while I read more blogs around sketching and painting, sometimes I get frustrated and intimated because of the beautiful sketchesI see from everybody else…. I guess it is still pratice practice.

So the first new one was done on Friday from „my“ coffee spot at odeonsplatz into the little open space between front and back building: the fountain with a fashion shop behind.

Then one from today – cycling back from the city centre towards the new SZ building I was stopped by the train/S-Bahn line next to the road – lots of cables, lines etc. Still fascinated by that.

As you can see I am still fighting with getting a thumbnail into the text . Now back to somemore blog-reading and then finishing a quilt for next week’s quilt show.

Some recent sketches – London and Munich

Oktober 31st, 2008

Hello Again –

to give you an idea of what I am doing, here are some of my recent sketches.

3 weeks ago I spent a few days in London – I hadn’t been there for several years and found it has changed quite a bit. Both changes I liked and changes I disliked – more below…

So first somesmall scenes in Mayfair and Marylebone : one of the phantastic book shop Daunt Books – lots of travel literature,  metres and metres of shelf on South East Asia, and India and much more – very Recommendable. Funnily enough they have a little sketch of their storefront on their website – check it out versus my version :“><img

The next day I made into the British Museum – for the 1st time. Really liked the Great Court:

Then I found some nice patterns – on the floor and elsewhere: 

And this is from my „huge disappointment day“: on Friday I went to Bermondsey Market – or rather what’s left where formerly there was the market ….. this used to be a massive Antiques Market, every Friday morning in a slightly shabby, rundown area south of Tower Bridge. Now the area has had a lot of development going on – fancy new apartment houses, nicely renovated warehouses, local supermarket … nothing like it used to be. Could be anywhere now. Like the whole riverwalk area past the Tate Modern – Coffee houses at every corner, nice – but ….

So this one corner was still very much how it used to be – probably not much longer though:

Bought far too many sketch books and supplies – nice shop in Islington 

During the 20th Worldwide Sketch Crawl I was taking care of my 6 yr.old nephew – we cycled to a small … (what’s the word for a really tiny RIVER) and he even caught some tiny fish with his net:

Wednesday evening I had a coffee at Odeonsplatz – coffee mug and Feldherrnhalle below are at the top of the page; then 2 more sketches at Starbucks today:

Normally I am using plain pencil for my sketches – but sometimes it is not strong enough. I also like the Faber Castell PITT artist pens – however I find I cannot sketch as well and freely as with pencils. The pattern belowright was done with a new Daler & Rowney Sepia Sketching pencil I bought at Cass (in a set) – it seems to be very rough and is easily smudging – which I don’t like. More experiments called for.
These 2 guys were sitting next to me, moving a lot and very quickly …. hm-I am not very happy with this one:

That’s it for now – excited to see if the upload and placement of  pictures works..
Have a great weekend,


Welcome to Sketches and Stuff !

Oktober 31st, 2008

Good Morning Everybody !

this is my first attempt at blogging – so please forgive me in case something doesnot quite work yet. Thorsten from Sketchcrawl asked that innocent question „do you have a blog?“ about an hour ago – and now I do … let’s see how it works.

I will use this blog to post my sketches and possibly other objects (like my quilts and other textile objects), photos from my travels – maybe more.

For approx. 20 years I have been doing quilts (yes – these are the patchwork covers for beds which we always connect to the pioneers in the USA) – first very traditional one, later also smaller wall-hangings, my own designs – involving fabric dyeing, printing, glueing, plastic, paper and much more.

For one year I have been actively working on a City & Guilds Course with that involves sketching and keeping a sketchbook -and lots of trouble with that initially. You know what I mean – „cannot ruin that nice empty clean white page sketchbook with my horrible drawing 🙂 “

But also I have always wanted to paint/draw – so I took 2 classes this year: the first one learning to draw following Betty Edwards technique, then another one on „sketchbooks for textile artists“ from Jan Beaney/ Jean Littlejohn ( – and that got me going.   

A week ago I found the site and few other blogs – unfortunately I could not join the 20th worldwide sketchcrawl last Saturday but am definitley joining #21 – and am practising before.

So welcome and look out for more !